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Good Afternoon Sir,

I hope this email finds you well.

I am writing in regards to an experience I had at your bank yesterday. Let me provide some brief background information. My husband and I are relocating to Rapid City as part of a company transfer with his work. As the relocation will be permanent, we are once again looking to purchase a home. We are planning a trip to Rapid City this weekend to look at homes, therefore I thought it would be prudent to receive a financial snapshot in terms of what we can afford.

I had no intention of checking in with your bank, as my husband and I are native Iowans, so I first looked at US Bank just down the street from your downtown office. To summarize and be brief, it was not a pleasant experience. The mortgage consultant was rude, and acted condescending towards me when she learned that I was receiving disability for an injury I received while on active duty in Baghdad. She scribbled a bunch of our personal information on a blank sheet of paper and said she would call us later. When I left her office, I had no indication of what she had done, or a timeline of events to follow. I left the US Bank office and saw the sign for your bank prior to turning into the parking garage.

On a whim, I thought I would stop in and see if your bank conducted mortgage origination at your downtown office. Your processor, Rachael, stood up out of her chair to shake my hand, and greeted me with a genuine smile. When she asked how she might help, she apologized for my previous experience and even asked about my husband's job and the reason for our relocation to Rapid City. The point is this: she stopped what she was doing long enough to acknowledge me and value me as a potential customer.

Rachael referred me to Jenny. Jenny asked about our situation, and I was impressed by her desire to take her time with me and understand what we were looking for. Because of the service I had received up to this point, I decided to look into a preapproval for a home loan. I came prepared with information, and Jenny was sure to look at each piece carefully, and include all of our information on the credit application. She was also extremely knowledgeable about product lines, and was able to recommend a VA loan. Due to my disability, Jenny is looking into whether or not I may be exempt from paying the VA funding fee-- a potential benefit of which I was unaware. When Jenny pulled our credit, she when through each line, explained our scores, and ensured I had an understanding of the report before she moved on. Jenny ran two different qualification scenarios, showed me the results, and explained every fee line by line. To me, this is the definition of responsible lending. She gave me all of her office information and requested that I contact her when my husband and I decide on a house.

Unfortunately, employees in a customer-focused trade receive more negative feedback than positive. I truly believe in giving credit where it is due. What I found at First Dakota National Bank was the conveniences of modern technology merging with old fashioned customer service. Employees like Jenny and Rachael understand that clients still like to be asked for their business, and that business is earned and not simply given away. From my humble perspective, I hope that you and your management team will join me in congratulating Jenny and Rachael for extending exemplary service.

Finally, I would be remiss if I did not mention that these characteristics seemed to be office-wide, indicating that this focus on customer service and friendly helpfulness is a direct reflection upon the leadership which these two ladies are receiving. Thank you for focusing on the right things-- from top to bottom. In an industry that thrives on volume, it is encouraging to observe a bank who handles volume one client at a time.

I hope that this email has been beneficial to you. I'm sure in your position, it is a great thing to receive positive feedback. Please feel free to disseminate my email as you see fit, or contact me at the number below should you have any questions.


Lindsey Nelson