Ag Banking

Ag Banking: Dakota Mac, Keep Farmers Farming, and Agrivisions Beginning Farmer Program

Why Choose First Dakota National Bank?

Agriculture is like no other. It takes hard work and discipline to succeed, but there is no other business you would rather be in. At First Dakota National Bank, we understand that. Agriculture has been in our blood since we first opened our doors in 1872. And through every growing season since, we've been helping farmers and ranchers thrive in this unpredictable industry. It's that kind of commitment to Ag that has made us one of the largest Ag Lenders in the nation. Trust your Ag and Agri-Business banking needs to First Dakota National Bank.

First Dakota believes in you and the 3 C's of Agricultural lending. We work hard with you to be Conservative during good times, Courageous during tough times, and Consistent all the time. We offer all the traditional Ag lending products. Let our products and services help you stay focused on your future dreams.

In March 1999, we became the first Preferred Lender in the country with Farm Service Agency. An accomplishment we are excited about.

Dakota MAC was developed in 1993 by First Dakota to provide long-term ag real estate loans at competitive interest rates and terms. Our lending options are focused directly on you and your operation's needs. We knew in 1993, and still know now, how difficult it is to operate in 3 - 5 year short-term notes. Our long-term interest rates are some of the most competitive in the market.

All farms and ranches grow and evolve over time. Our Keep Farmers Farming Legacy Consultants will work with you, as a facilitator, with no hidden agenda to sell you something. Our single focus is to help you maximize the success of your operation, whether that be by legacy planning, strategic planning, best business practices, marketing or more. Together we can Keep Farmers Farming!

The key objective of the AgriVisions Beginning Farmer Program is to educate and provide leadership to expand the opportunities available in Agriculture. By taking part in our program you will learn new skills, make new friends, and yes, get your brain jump started. This program is a great way to expand your knowledge of the Ag industry, capital, break-evens, marketing, and financing. You will also grow a stronger appreciation and understanding of the resources in Agriculture. Along with enhance your self-confidence, personal development, responsibility and leadership skills. Ask today about our next Beginning Farmer Program. 

Contact our bankers if you need a business partner who is committed to your farming goals. Or come into one of our locations today!