DIAL Telephone Banking Upgrade

On June 2, we will enhance our DIAL 24-hour phone banking service. If you currently use DIAL, you will enjoy the current features with the same PIN, plus new, easy-to-use menus, voice recognition, and more! Here are some of the new features: 

  • Any time during your call, you can switch to voice recognition using 8*. Once you activate voice recognition, you can use verbal commands to gain account information. 
  • You can reorder checks. 
  • You can manage your Debit Card PIN. 
Purpose Command Sub Menu
Account balance Press or say 1  
Account history Press or say 2  
Transfer funds or make a payment Press or say 3 Transfer funds, payments, scheduled transfers
Debit card services Press or say 4 Activate, deactivate, reorder or change PIN
Stop payments Press or say 5 Specific check number or stop payment inquiry
Change your DIAL PIN Press or say 6  
Bank information Press or say 7  
Reorder checks Press or say 8  
Interest rates Press or say 9  
  • Any time during your call, you can use the following global commands to help you navigate within the system. 
Purpose Touch Tone Key Verbal Command (if activated with 8*)
Go to Main Menu 3* Main Menu
Change currently authenticated customer 9* Change account, change account number, change account ID
Go to customer service 0 Agent, operator, customer service, customer service representative
Return to previous menu * Go back, back
Repeat (unavailable within list) # Repeat, repeat that
Hear a list of global commands 1* Help
Switch between voice recognition and touchtone 8* Touchtone
Hang up 7* Hang up, goodbye

To Begin Phone Banking

To begin using phone banking, call either: 

  • 605-665-1250 - local access in the general Yankton, S.D. area
  • 800-600-3362 - for toll-free access everywhere else

When your call is answered, simply listen to the instructions and press the number of the selection you want. The first time you access your account, you are required to set your PIN. Pressing '6' will allow you to change your PIN now or at any time in the future.