Home Loan Checklist

Be Confident before You Buy a Home

First Dakota National Bank is more than just another lender. We are your partner in Home Financing needs. Our priority is to help you navigate the process without overwhelming you. To us it's not just a transaction, it's a relationship. We will be available to walk you through every step of the way, making it quick and manageable.

When you have signed the purchase agreement on your new home by providing the following documentation, we can process your application more quickly and efficiently


  •   One form of ID with photo (driver's license or passport)
  •   Two years of W-2's for all borrowers
  •   Two years of Tax Returns for both borrowers-signed
  •   Current paystubs for each borrower covering one full month earnings 
  •   Two Months Bank Statements for all asset accounts
  •   Divorce Decree and Stipulation (if applicable)
  •   Child Support Agreement (if applicable) 
  •   Bankruptcy documents (if applicable)
  •   VA DD214 & Certificate of Eligibility (if applicable) 
  •   Purchase agreement if signed Contract is completed
  •   Current Mortgage Statement (if applicable)
  •   Current Home Owner's Insurance (if applicable) 
  •   Self Employed borrowers - YTD Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet (if applicable) 
  •   Selling Current Property- provide copy of estimated proceeds after sale (if applicable) 

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