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“I am writing in regards to an experience I had at your bank yesterday. I had no intention of checking in with your bank, as my husband and I are native Iowans, so I first looked at US Bank just down the street from your downtown office. To summarize and be brief, it was not a pleasant experience.

On a whim, I thought I would stop in and see if your bank conducted mortgage origination at your downtown office. Your processor, Rachael, stood up out of her chair to shake my hand, and greeted me with a genuine smile. When she asked how she might help, she apologized for my previous experience and even asked about my husband's job and the reason for our relocation. The point is this: she stopped what she was doing long enough to acknowledge me and value me as a potential customer.

I truly believe in giving credit where it is due. What I found at First Dakota National Bank was the conveniences of modern technology merging with old fashioned customer service. Your employees understand that clients still like to be asked for their business, and that business is earned and not simply given away.

Thank you for focusing on the right things--from top to bottom. In an industry that thrives on volume, it is encouraging to observe a bank who handles volume one client at a time.”

Lindsey Nelson, First Dakota National Bank Customer

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