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Search for Transactions

With our Online and Mobile Banking you can search for transactions as well as add tags, notes and images to transactions for easier accessibility and tracking. Learn how to utilize these functions to make your Online Banking experience even better. 

Search for Transactions

Adding Tags, Notes and Images to Transactions

It's easy to add tags, notes and images to transactions in Mobile and Online Banking. These features can help keep everything more organized. 

  • Tags: Add a tag to categorize your transactions such as: groceries, gas, entertainment, etc. Then easily search for those transactions.
  • Notes: Add a note to remind yourself to do something such as: "Split the cost of this transaction with Bob" or "Contact ABC Company on this purchase".
  • Images: Add an image by taking a picture of your receipt, the item purchased, or the warranty information. Safely store these with the transaction and easily refer to them in the future if needed. 

If you have questions, please call us at 800-486-4712 or check out our Mobile and Online Banking Frequently Asked Questions. You can also click on the Conversation icon in Online or Mobile Banking.