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New Dashboard Design

Our Mobile/Online Banking Dashboard has new functionality 

We are excited about the new features. Here is what to look for: 

  • Say hi!: We will greet you next to your profile photo. A quick tap on your profile picture provides quick access to edit your profile.  
  • New account list options: Depending on the number of accounts you have, you may see the accounts one at a time, four at a time or categorized by type across the top of your dashboard.  
  • Switch between IDs: If you have your personal accounts on one ID and your business accounts on another ID, you can quickly switch between the two by using a long tap on your profile picture (or initials if no photo exists).  
  • Attach a bill payment to a Conversation: Have a question on a bill payment? Click on the payment to start a conversation and include it in your inquiry.  
  • Dark Mode Compatibility: You will have the option to choose between "light mode" and "dark mode" versions of the app in the near future. 
  • Dashboard Customization: When you change your dashboard on one of your devices, it will automatically sync to your other device. So if you change the customization on your mobile device, your desktop dashboard will automatically change to match.  
  • Export Transactions: You can export transactions older than 12 months in the desktop version. 

Mobile Version - Available the first part of April 2020

Mobile Version of the Banking App

Desktop Version - Available March 30, 2020

  • Left Align Navigation menu: To prepare for upcoming features, the navigation in the desktop version has shifted from the top of the screen to the left side of the screen. 

Desktop Version of the Banking App