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Travel Notices

It is important to notify your bank when you are traveling. By notifying us of your travel plans, you’ll reduce the chances of card transactions being declined, which makes traveling easier and less stressful for you. Now you can notify us utilizing Mobile/Online Banking. It is easy and accessible at any time. 

How to create and edit travel notices

You can let us know using your mobile device or your desktop computer. 

1. Log in to your Mobile/Online Banking. Go to the main menu and select settings. 


Settings on Mobile 


 Settings on desktop         

2. Select Travel Notices. 


Travel notices on mobile     


 Travel Notices on Desktop        

3. Click on Add Travel Notice in the middle of the screen. 

4. Enter your Destinations - this includes states and/or countries you will travel to (there are 47 characters available). 

5. Select the calendar and choose the dates you will be traveling. 
Please note: Travel notices must be sent in advance of the first travel date - they cannot be added the same day or on weekends. 

6. Select the cards you will be using while traveling. Click on Save. 


Choose location, date, and cards on mobile   


  Choose location, date, and cards on Desktop

That's it! We now have your travel plans noted in our system. You will receive an email from us confirming your travel notice has been established. You can change your travel notice at any time from either Mobile or Online Banking.