Text Banking

Not able to download apps on your phone? If you want to check your account balances and history, sign up for text banking through First Dakota National Bank. Enjoy a quick, easy way to review your account balances from your phone without logging in online or through an app.

How to Bank with Texting

Use the below commands and send to 895-49 to receive account balances and history of your past four transactions. (Standard text messaging rates applied.)

  • Bal - Provides the balance for every account you have enrolled via text banking
  • Bal and specific short name - Provides the balance for a specific account, example: bal ckg
  • Hist - Provides the last 4 transactions on your accounts
  • Hist and specific short name - Provides the last 4 transactions for that specific account

How to Enroll

Go to Internet Banking on your computer, and click Options, then Mobile Settings, and choose Text Mobile Settings. Complete the enrollment form and register your phone number, which will enable the service. Select which accounts you wish to have text banking access to, such as savings or checking accounts.