Ag Banker Spotlight

Ag Banker Spotlight

We are proud of the years of service, dedication, knowledge and resilience of our Ag Banking team. Each of our team members has a unique story, and we want you to have the chance to get to know them a little better. That is one of the reasons we developed our Ag Banker Spotlight. We hope you enjoy getting to learn more about our team.  

Meet Doug Allerdings

To Doug, April is a month of change. The grass greening, trees budding, flowers blooming, and the new crop being planted all convey a time of optimism and growth. In addition to the new growth, another important event of spring is the start of baseball season! Along with being an avid Minnesota Twins fan, some of his favorite memories were spent at the baseball diamond watching his three sons play the game. Doug enjoys the warmer months of the year and in his spare time, he’s an avid grilling competitor. He enjoys cranking up the smoker, throwing on some meat and other treats. He’s competed in several rib contests and enjoys the competition and comradery between the cookers. Together with his sons, they’ve created the perfect seasoning blend and will normally make 10-15 gallons of it in a year, sharing most of it with friends and family.  

In 2021, Doug will celebrate his 40th year in banking! Doug has certainly seen his share of ups, downs, and changes in the Ag world. Throughout the years, he has been encouraged by the farming community. Regardless of the economy, weather conditions, and a list of other multiple factors they have no control over, they risk their livelihood on an annual basis to feed their communities and the world. Doug can’t think of anything he’d rather do than build strong, trusting relationships with his customers and be a small part of their success.   

The past year has been a challenge for everyone. The pandemic has affected nearly every aspect of our lives. We’ve endured shut-downs, locked doors, and staffing shifts, as well as seeing friends and family struggle with the COVID-19 virus. It only emphasizes to Doug the importance of building strong relationships with those around you to navigate through tough times. “We need to enjoy each day for what it brings and look forward to a new day tomorrow."