Fraud Prevention

Business Fraud Prevention Services

With current technological advancements, it is easier than ever for fraudsters, either independently or in organized groups, to alter checks and divert ACH payments to deceive innocent victims. Business customers are especially vulnerable because regulatory deadlines only provide 24 hours for fraudulent transactions to be returned after they clear a business account.

Our fraud protection services are designed to put you in control. These services allow you to review questionable transactions immediately after they hit your account so you can identify fraudulent items, and notify the bank to block them from clearing against your account.

Positive Pay: Business check fraud includes:
- lost or stolen checks
- altered payee names
- counterfeit checks

Mitigate your check fraud risk in two easy steps:
1. Upload an issued check file including check #, date issued, payee name, and dollar amount.
2. Review and process any exceptions identified as your checks clear. You will receive an email or text to alert you anytime an exception is identified.

ACH Filter and ACH Block: Electronic fraud includes:
- diverted ACH deposits
- unauthorized ACH withdrawals

Mitigate your check fraud risk in three easy steps:
1. Add a filter to allow only authorized companies to withdraw funds from your account based on the amount you specify.
2. Review and process exceptions as withdrawals are posted. You will receive an email or text to alert you anytime an exception is identified.
3. If you haven't authorized any electronic ACH withdrawals, add an ACH block and all ACH entries will be returned on your behalf.

You've invested a lot into making your business successful. Let's work together to protect your investment. Contact your First Dakota banker to learn more about our Fraud Prevention Services.

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