Financial Calculators

Financial Calculators to Help You Plan

Need help planning your home or personal finances? We offer easy-to-use online calculators to help you solve common financial problems. Use the calculators to support your financial choices, and bookmark this page to your browser’s favorites for reference. If you're ready to start making steps towards your financial goals, visit a First Dakota location and work with one of our bankers.

(Note: The rates shown in the calculators are not the current rates at First Dakota National Bank. The rates on the calculators can be adjusted at any time for you to compare and analyze. Please contact us to obtain current rates.)

Home Financing Calculators

Learn if refinancing is right for you or calculate the estimated mortgage payment. When you explore the possibilities, you're one step closer to your dreams.

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Personal Financing Calculators

If you're needing a loan for a new vehicle, to pay off a credit card, or send your child to college, begin by exploring your options and calculating your options.

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Investment Calculators

Invest in your dreams. Begin by calculating what your investments could look like on a month-to-month basis, or see even further. Investment calculators are a great way to inspire saving and investing in your future.

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Retirement Calculators

Saving for retirement begins with one simple step: saving. Where you put that savings and how much are great questions every individual should ask at some point. Our retirement calculators help begin that conversation.

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Lease Calculators

Whether you're renting your first apartment or looking to make a change, begin by understanding how much you can afford. Our lease calculators help you understand just that.

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