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Ready to start a savings or checking account? Want the convenience of digital banking with a local bank you can trust? At First Dakota National Bank, we understand personal banking services should be just that: services focused on your life and dreams. With a variety of additional services ranging from safe deposit boxes and convenient check ordering, to bank-to-bank transfers and overdraft protection, we have you covered.


With a variety of checking account options, together with our friendly, and hometown customer service, you don't have to settle with First Dakota. Based on your lifestyle and financial needs, we’ll help find the best checking account for you.

Checking Options


At First Dakota National Bank, we offer you a variety of personal savings plans, always backed up with our personalized, hometown customer service. Based on your savings goals and personal dreams, we’ll help find the best savings account for you.

Savings Options

Health Savings Account

Plan ahead for medical expenses with a tax-advantaged account. An HSA is an interest-bearing checking account. You’ll receive a free HSA debit card linked to your account to use at your preferred doctor’s office or pharmacy. Use Digital Banking to view balances, transaction, and make transfers.

If your employer doesn’t have an HSA, open an account with First Dakota National Bank. Contribute to your account, and get immediate access to funds. Choose when and how to spend money for qualified medical expenses. Also, funds you add to your HSA help reduce your reported income and lower income taxes.

Contact a banker if you’re ready to open a Health Savings Account with us.

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