Loft Advisors

Wealth brings more responsibility—and complexities. You need a personal banker that’s dedicated to you with banking services centered around your dreams. Loft Advisors, a division of First Dakota National Bank, provide you with highest level banking services for all your financial needs.

Choose from our exclusive suite of personal banking services, from deposit and cash management to trust and investment management—all with a personal banker who’ll advise you every step of the way. Our experienced team of financial advisors creates a strategic plan to fit your financial dreams.

Choose from wealth management services that include:

  • Private Banking
  • Trust
  • Investment Management
  • Insurance
  • Loft Experience

Loft Advisors elevates your banking experience. Go beyond basic services, and experience financial freedom without the concerns wealth brings. Your personal advisor is not a banker. They will be your confidant and listen to your dreams. They will be your concierge and handle all your banking management. And they will be your consultant to help you create your future.

To find out more, visit our Loft Advisors website.

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