Overdraft Protection

Overdrawing can easily happen. Add peace of mind to your account at First Dakota National Bank with overdraft protection. If you go over the funds in your account while making a transaction, we’ll help pay your overdraft with one of two options, our standard overdraft protection or our Checking Plus option.

How Overdraft Protection Works

Checking Plus

Stop paying overdraft fees. Protect yourself from overdraft charges by extending a line of credit to yourself for covering unexpected overages. This credit line automatically advances the money needed to cover an overdraft in $200 increments. Your maximum advance is limited to what your available credit is. The charge for this service is $3 a month.

Ask us about adding Checking Plus to your account. Contact us or come into one of our branch locations to learn more about Checking Plus.

Standard Overdraft Protection

We will pay standard overdrafts for transactions made by checks or other transaction made using your checking account number and set automatic bill payments. You must opt in to have us also cover personal transactions made by ATM or everyday debit or checkcard transactions that result in an overdraft.

There is no charge to add this service to your account, nor are you charged if you never use this service. You may add up to four accounts when you opt in for standard protection. If you have a joint account, only one individual needs to opt in, but you may only one type of overdraft protection. The last form of communication to the bank by either account holder determines the type of overdraft protection applied.

We charge $30 each time we pay an overdraft, but this is subject to change. If your account is overdrawn for seven or more consecutive business days, we may charge you an additional $10 per day for each consecutive day the account remains in a negative balance. We do not limit the total fees charged for overdrawing your account.

Bounce Protection is a non-contractual courtesy that is available to individually/jointly owned accounts in good standing for personal or household use. First Dakota National Bank reserves the right to limit participation to one account per household and to suspend, revoke, or discontinue this service without prior notice.

Overdrafts are paid at our discretion, and are not guaranteed to be authorized. If paying the overdraft is not authorized by us, your transaction will be declined.

Would you like to opt in for standard overdraft protection? Call us, mail us an opt in form, or visit one of our branch locations.