Moses Idris

Congratulations, Moses Idris!

Mosis Idris and his family fled his native country, Eritrea, at the age of five due to a civil war and lived in a refugee camp with his family for ten years in Ethiopia. Moses belongs to a small ethnic group called Kunama people. His parents provided as much as they could, but they fell short often due to a lack of employment and services in the camp. But in 2010, they resettled in the United States.

Idris moved to Sioux Falls when he was 15, when he faced his greatest obstacle. Without knowing any English, he started high school, graduated, and received a degree from the University of Sioux Falls.

While at USF, he started the Rising Stars soccer team, part of the South Dakota Stars umbrella, to give the Kunama children a positive experience, keep them out of trouble and teach them to work hard. He has expanded to volleyball and soccer. The players struggle with transportation to and from practice, so Moses arranges multiple pick-ups before practice and home afterward.