Tim Weidenbach

Congratulations, Tim & Higher Power Sports!

Tim Weidenbach is the director of Higher Power Sports, a non-profit that speaks to groups (mostly high school and college students) about the dangers of distracted driving. It's a subject close to this heart after Tim's cousin, Andrea Boeve (Roth) was killed by a distracted driver in June of 2014 while riding her bike with her two daughters near their family farm.

These highly impactful, faith based messages, have been delivered hundreds of times and heard by thousands. In addition to spreading these life saving/changing messages, Tim has also been instrumental in bringing his message along with hats, coats, gloves, bike and other items to under privileged children who live on the Lower Brule reservation in South Dakota.

Tim travels across the Midwest giving these talks and delivering donated items at no charge. He relies solely on various fundraisers and donations to fund his mission. To do all of this, Tim is on the road a lot and is reliant on a dependable vehicle. Driving a 2007 van donated with over 250,000 miles, Tim Weidenbach made a quick plea for on Facebook a few month ago: “Say some prayers for this old girl. Rear brakes went out and some other issues. Please help us to stay on the road serving others. This is our work horse right now."