Direct Connect

Take Back Your Time

Save time. Enjoy Direct Connect, and automatically download your First Dakota transactions directly into QuickBooks®. Remove logging in and out of multiple software programs to complete your bills and payroll records. Spend less time on paperwork and more on building your business.

Contact us to see how Direct Connect supports your business, and add it to your business banking services today.

Benefits of QuickBooks® and Direct Connect

Bank records will be automatically downloaded into your QuickBooks®register. This enables you to track electronic entries as they occur, and to reconcile balances without waiting for your statement.

QuickBooks® helps you save time on frequent tasks like invoicing customers, managing payroll, paying bills, and tracking expenses.

No more looking between paper files or moving between multiple software programs! Quickly see which customers owe you money, which bills you need to pay, and generate the reports to know where your business stands.

Ready-to-use form designs give your invoices, estimates, and statements a customized, polished look.

Pick up software quickly even if you don't have very much experience with computers or accounting.

Customize QuickBooks®for your industry and unique business. Help is available from nearly any screen in QuickBooks®. Just type in your question and QuickBooks® will find an answer.


  • The cost for Direct Connect is $14.50 per month.