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Manage Cards and External Accounts

With Mobile/Online Banking you have the power to manage your money. Now, you can also manage your First Dakota Checkcard, First Dakota Mastercard, and other external accounts. 

First Dakota Checkcard

Using the Manage Cards dashboard, you can temporarily "toggle" your card off so no transactions can post, report it lost or stolen, or reorder a replacement for your worn out card. Please follow these instructions. 

If you reorder a Checkcard from Online or Mobile Banking, it will take 5 - 7 business days to arrive in the mail. If you need a card faster than that, visit one of our First Dakota locations and we will replace your card on the spot.  

How to add your First Dakota Mastercard and Manage other External Accounts

1) Select Accounts in either Online or Mobile Banking. Then click the + in the upper right hand corner. 

Add an account

2) Select Connect an institution. 

Connect to a different institution

3) Search for the name of the Financial Institution or Credit Card provider of your choice. To add your First Dakota Mastercard, search for First Dakota. Very Important: You will need your User name and Password from the institution or credit card you want to connect with. 

Type your financial provider

Please note: Not every financial institution and credit card provider allows you to view your information in a different app or online banking site. If you cannot find your bank or credit card provider in the list when you search, that provider does not allow account aggregation. 

4) Next enter your Login Credentials for that institution or credit card site when prompted. 

Enter username and password

5) After your login credentials are verified, you will receive a message similar to the following: 

Account Added dialog popup

When you go back to your Accounts Page, your external account will now be in the list of accounts you can view.

If it’s a checking or savings account, you will see your balance and transactions. 

If it’s a credit card, such as your First Dakota Mastercard, you will see your Balance, Payment Amount, Available Credit, as well as your due date and interest rate.

You will also be able to view your transactions, and add a low balance alert.

Payments to external bank accounts and Credit Cards are not allowed from the “aggregation” screen. However, you can use Bill Payment to make a payment on your credit card OR use our “External Transfer” option to transfer funds between your other accounts and your First Dakota accounts.

**To make a payment on your First Dakota Mastercard, use Bill Payment or log in to

If you have questions, please call us at 800-486-4712 or click on the Conversation icon in Online or Mobile Banking.