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First Dakota Debit Card

The First Dakota debit card allows you to make purchases wherever VISA cards are accepted as well as enjoy all other ATM functions. When a purchase is made, the amount is automatically deducted from your checking account balance, just as a cash withdrawal is when the card is used at an ATM. With a debit card you can access First Dakota National Bank or any MoneyPass ATM machines for withdrawals at any time of day.

Find a First Dakota ATM near you.

Benefits of the First Dakota debit card

Quickly get cash, transfer money between accounts, and inquire about account balances. Enjoy using your card with no monthly fee at First Dakota ATMs or at 10,000+ nationwide MoneyPass ATMs. First Dakota debit cards are accepted by retailers with debit card capabilities and are eligible for Visa Purchase Alerts. Ask about Visa SRC options too. 

Note: There is a $2 usage fee per transaction at any ATM machine outside the MoneyPass network.

Am I eligible for a card? How do I get one?

You are eligible for a card if you have a savings or checking account with First Dakota National Bank. Please note that card eligibility is subject to approval. Contact us to get a debit card today.

What if my card has been lost or stolen?

Report your lost or stolen card immediately by calling us at 800-486-4712 or 888-297-3416 (within the United States) or 1-206-389-5200 (outside of the United States). Find hours on our branch locations page.

Protect yourself from frauds and scams.

Open a debit card today. Contact our bankers if you’re ready to open a card with us.

Card Management

Take control of your finances using our Card Management via Digital Banking. You can determine when, where, and how you use your debit card.  

Visa® Account Updater

Visa Account Updater is available on all First Dakota debit card accounts. Visa Account Updater provides updated account information to merchants so recurring transactions can continue without interruption. When First Dakota debit card account information changes due to a product upgrade, card expiration, loss or theft, account closure or other reasons such as name changes - the information will automatically be updated with participating account-on-file merchants. The Visa Account Updater process eliminates the need for direct action when account information changes. And it reduces any negative experiences caused by declines due to account information changes. 

First Dakota debit cards are automatically enrolled in Visa Account Updater. If you feel you do not want to participate in this service you have the option to opt out and your information will not be automatically updated with participating merchants. You can opt out in the following ways: 

  1. Call us at 800-486-4712
  2. Log in to your Digital Banking or Mobile Banking account and send us a secured message through First Dakota Conversations.