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Trust & Investments News

Trust & Investments News

As the Covid-19 pandemic has evolved the past few weeks, we have seen an economic ripple effect that has had an impact on the lives of every American.  The First Dakota Trust & Investments team values the opportunity to assist you through these challenging times. We feel strongly this event does not have to be a “lasting impact” rather a “short-term influence” as long as consistent, disciplined investment decisions are applied to your financial future.  Call us if we can help.

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The Outlooks newsletter explores financial news and trends that could affect trusts and investments. With a threefold focus on economic, equity and fixed income forecasts, each issue highlights positive takeaways, potential negative warning signs, and unknowns.

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June 2020 Outlook

Since the beginning of the coronavirus-related lockdowns, economists have predicted that the Bureau of Labor Statistics payroll report for May would show the ugliest data in the past 80 years. Instead, what we actually witnessed was one of the greatest head-scratchers of all time. Rather than reporting an expected loss of 7.5 million jobs, the economy actually gained more than 2.5 million jobs. In a month where the unemployment rate had been expected to touch 20%, it actually improved from 14.7% in April, down to 13.3% in May. This improvement wasn’t due to unemployed individuals leaving the work force because the participation rate climbed higher. All of this seemed to catch the financial industry off guard.

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